Types of Loft Conversions in London

The city of London is vast and huge. No two areas are the same and there are many different types of property available in the capital. When households in London decide to expand their living space with a loft conversion, there are a few options available depending on the type of roof they have on the property, as well as the existing floor space within the loft itself. 

At Trendsetter Group, we provide a range of professional building and expansion services across London, and one of our more popular construction projects is our loft conversions. For residents in London considering this excellent expansion service, we have created this guide to exploring the types of loft conversions available in the country’s capital, as well as diving into the requirements for each conversion type. 

How Much Does Your Roof Impact Options? 

Determining the type of loft conversion that is best for you and your property means taking into consideration the type of roof you have already too. Different roofs are better suited to different loft conversions, and in London there are many different property types. A home in Rickmansworth may be completely different structurally to one in Twickenham and so on. The types of roofs most commonly found in London include: 

Gable: The most common type of roof in the UK, a gable roof has at least one open triangle shaped end. 

Hipped: Similar in shape to a gable roof except that all sides have a sloped shape on the end and no openings.

bedroom and ensuite in loft conversion

T-Shape: This roof gets its name from the combination of two distinct roof shapes that cross to make a T. 

Mono Pitch: Recognisable as a single sided pitched roof, mono pitch roofs are typically found on garages or home extensions. 

Mansard: A four-sided gambrel-style roof, a mansard roof features a double pitch on all sides and a lower slope that incorporates dormer windows. 

Dormer: Housed within the roof itself, a dormer is a smaller roofed structure that creates more space within the loft. 

Barrel Vault: More commonly found on new build properties, this roof has a curved style in a continuous arch shape throughout.

Each of these types of roof have unique characteristics that determine which type of loft conversion would work best. If you’re considering a loft conversion, get in touch with the team at Trendsetter Group for a consultation and FREE quote! 

Dormer Conversion 

A dormer conversion is best used on a pitched roof, adding a box shape that protrudes from the existing structure to provide more space in the loft, not only on the floor but in regards to height too. There are a few different types of dormer conversion available, including rear, side, l-shape, and pitched. 

Mansard Conversion

A mansard conversion is typically installed on the back of a property and is identified by its almost vertical 72 degree angle which provides a significant increase in space. As with dormer conversions, there are a couple of types of mansard conversions available, like the double mansard conversion and l-shaped mansard. 

velux loft conversion

Hip to Gable Conversion

An excellent solution for detached and semi detached properties to make the most of previously unusable floorspace, a hip to gable conversion is built upwards for more headroom. One of the main benefits of this conversion type is the aesthetic appeal as it is designed to blend seamlessly with the existing roof structure. 

Piggyback Conversion

A more advanced technique when it comes to a loft conversion, a piggyback conversion removes all of the roof that’s already on the property to raise the walls of the perimeter by roughly 1.3m. When the roof is added back on, there is much more height than before and a new practical living space left behind. 

Velux Conversion

Unlike other loft conversion options, a Velux conversion is ideal for properties that already have high roofs, as they’re designed to not alter the existing roof shape. Instead, they utilise Velux windows to provide natural light to the space. The main benefit of a Velux conversion is the fact that your roof shape will remain the same. 

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