Loft Conversion Case Study – Expanding a Property In Uxbridge

Loft conversions are an excellent way to add more space to your home, and is much more affordable in the long term than moving. Not only are they great for accommodating hobbies and leisure spaces, they’re also an extremely popular choice for homeowners looking to expand their space to accommodate a growing family. 

At Trendsetter Group, we have been providing our expert building services for many years, and our team recently carried out a loft conversion for a family in Uxbridge. If you’re interested in our services for yourself, we have created this case study to highlight the way we handle our clients, and the level of service you can expect from our team. 

Expert Consultation

We were first contacted by this client as they wanted to create a space to accommodate their growing family. Initially, they weren’t sure exactly what they were looking for in terms of expansion, but after a chat with our team determined that a loft conversion was the best option for them. While they had a garage, it was frequently used by the family to store cars and they didn’t want to encroach on any garden space as it was used by their children. 

roof stripped back to accommodate dormer conversion

The main goal of the conversion was to provide additional living space for the growing family, which consisted of the parents, a teenage daughter, and two boys under ten and another baby on the way. For many years, the daughter had had her own bedroom but the boys had shared a small space, providing little privacy as they grew. The plan the family had was to incorporate two additional bedrooms in the loft and convert the boys’ old bedroom into a nursery. With the telephone consultation done, our team travelled to the property to conduct an in-person consultation and provide a quote for services. 

To accommodate their requirements, the family settled on a dormer conversion that would expand the existing space within the loft. This meant that they got more space than just the two bedrooms, also being able to accommodate space for a bathroom and games room for the children to enjoy. After discussing the cost of the conversion, the family was happy to go ahead with our service, and work soon began. 

Service Provided

A couple of days later, the team at Trendsetter Group began work converting the loft into a dormer conversion. We already had a lot of the materials required to carry out the work, and what we didn’t have were obtained quickly to avoid any slow down in the project’s completion. In a matter of five weeks, we had successfully completed the project and the space was ready to be utilised effectively by the family. 

completed dormer loft conversion


This work was carried out just before Christmas, and we reached out to the family to find out how they were getting on with their new space. Since we completed the project, they had their baby and the two boys had loved the transition from sharing a room to having their own space. The additional bathroom in the property also meant that there was less crowding at the main bathroom. 

The space that had been relegated to a games room had actually been transformed into an area the whole family could enjoy – providing somewhere for the children to play but also being large enough to accommodate a home office for mum when she returns to work. Ultimately, the family was very happy with the service we provided and we have since had a few enquiries from friends and family they have recommended us to. 

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